1. bnaksy:

    bullshitting an essay and getting a good grade for it


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  3. aminaabramovic:

    **constructs my identity from all my buzzfeed quiz results**

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  6. A straight guy explaining to you that he supports gay rights: Haha I'm straight but yeah, I'm straight, no homo, I'm straight, I'm not into dudes, and I'm straight

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  8. giraffescanflytoo:


    so my brother was doing something weird in the front yard in his underwear???


    and the next thing i know……


    Do you live in a Sims game

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  9. partybarackisinthehousetonight:

    when a cop yells “freeze” you can yell back “now everybody clap yo hands” and he is required by law to start clapping or else he will be arrested for treason and possibly deported from the country

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  11. confidnet:



    i wasted my last bagel my life is over

    Just get some bread and cut out a circle

    i have never been so offended in my entire life

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  12. dexysmidnightruners:

    listening to a cool new song like


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  13. katara:

    do you think they still deliver pizza during hurricanes 

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  15. kafkai:


    I automatically assume everyone finds me unattractive until they tell me otherwise.

    And then i assume that they are lying to make fun of me

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